Generic Lumigan (Bimatoprost) Eye Drops for Glaucoma


Generic Lumigan is an eye-drop solution that contains the active substance bimatoprost. It is used to treat high eye pressure due to glaucoma (open-angle type) or other eye diseases.

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Generic Lumigan

What is Lumigan used for?

An indication for this ophthalmic solution is high intraocular pressure without changes characteristic of primary glaucoma, or eye pressure due to open-angle glaucoma in patients over 18 years of age. It is used as a single drug or in combination with beta-blockers.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases characterized by damage to the optic nerve and visual impairment. Damage to the optic nerve is often the result of increased intraocular pressure. Glaucoma is one of the most common causes of blindness in the USA. It can occur at any age but is more common in older patients. Most forms of glaucoma do not have any threatening signs. The disease can develop gradually, and you may not notice any visual impairment until the later stages of the disease.

Symptoms of glaucoma may be different depending on the type and stage of the disease. They may include the appearance of “blind spots” on the periphery and in the center of the field of vision, “tunnel vision”, strong headache, pain in the eyes, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision, redness of the eyes.

An increase in intraocular pressure is associated with the accumulation of intraocular fluid (aqueous humor). Normally, this fluid is drained in the anterior chamber of the eye through a drainage structure (trabecular network) located in the corner of the eye formed by the iris and cornea. With excessive fluid production or disruption of the drainage system, the normal outflow of fluid is disturbed, and the pressure rises.

Glaucoma can be hereditory. Scientists have established a genetic predisposition to increase intraocular pressure and damage to the optic nerve.

There are the following types of glaucoma: ppen-angle glaucoma, closed-angle glaucoma, and normal-pressure glaucoma.

Watch a video released by Doctor Eye Health speaking about eye drops for open angle glaucoma treatment:

How do glaucoma drops work?

Bimatoprost lowers intraocular pressure in patients by increasing the outflow of aqueous humor through the trabecular network and uveoscleral outflow. A decrease in intraocular pressure begins about 4 hours after the first use and the maximum effect is achieved after about 8-12 hours. The effect lasts for at least 24 hours.

Bimatoprost is a powerful ophthalmic hypotensive agent. It is a synthetic prostamide structurally associated with PGF2 alpha that does not act through known PG receptors. The drug selectively mimics the effects of recently discovered biosynthesized substances, prostamides. However, the structure of prostamide receptors has not yet been identified.

Limited information is available on the effectiveness of bimatoprost in the treatment of pseudoexfoliation and pigmented glaucoma, as well as on the experience of using this drug in the treatment of angle-closure glaucoma in patients.

Who should not take Lumigan drops?

Contraindications for use include:

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug;
  • age under 18 years (The effectiveness and safety of bimatoprost in patients aged 0 to 18 years has not been established);
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding.

Use the drug with caution: aphakia, pseudophakia, damage to the posterior lens capsule, as well as in the presence of risk factors for macular edema, prolonged diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, nephropathy, arterial hypertension, uveitis.

How to use Lumigan for glaucoma?

Drip 1 drop in the injured eye 1 time per day, preferably in the evening. Never exceed the dosage. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before applying eye drops. The duration of treatment should be determined by a doctor.

For the prevention of glaucoma, it is necessary to make visits to the ophthalmologist, to avoid stressful situations, as a result of which there is an increase in blood pressure and blood rush to the head, weight lifting, and also you need to observe the daily regimen, do morning exercises and walk more.

Never start using these eye drops for glaucoma without consulting a doctor. Glaucoma preparations are prescribed only after examination. Timely treatment with this drug will cure glaucoma and prevent the disease from becoming chronic.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Skip the missed dose of bimatoprost and use it at the next regularly scheduled time. Do not use extra medicine to make up the missed dose. Using more medication at one time than your doctor prescribed is highly unrecommended.

What are the side effects of Lumigan eye drops?

Adverse effects after using eye drops for glaucoma can occur due to a violation of the rules for using the product and non-compliance with the prescribed doses.
In such cases, the patient may have a headache and periorbital region, tearing and blurred vision, dermatitis of the eyelids or cramping.

If the substance gets into the eye, a patient can experience sweating, chills, nausea, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, an increase in blood pressure, urination.

In most cases, bimatoprost eye drops for glaucoma are well tolerated. However, in some cases, the medicine may give adverse reactions:

  • eyes: conjunctivitis, visual impairment, blepharitis, low sensitivity of the ocular cornea, keratitis;
  • cardiovascular system: impaired functioning of the heart, malfunctions of the heart rhythm, insufficient cerebral circulation;
  • respiratory system: shortness of breath, bronchospastic syndrome.

Long-term use of the drug can cause chest pain, general fatigue, rash, urticaria, and gastrointestinal problems.

Is Lumigan the same as Latisse?

These drugs have the same active ingredient but are not the same. Lumigan contains bimatoprost at a concentration of 0.01 % and is prescribed as a medicine to be placed in the eye. This drug is commonly used to treat open-angle glaucoma.

Latisse contains bimatoprost at a concentration of 0.03 % and comes with an applicator intended for application to the upper eyelid margin. It is commonly used to treat hypotrichosis of the eyelashes (a condition indicated by an inadequate amount of eyelashes).

Can it interact with any drugs?

Despite the lack of laboratory studies of the drug’s interaction, one should keep in mind that it can enhance the effect of drugs that suppress the central nervous system (alcohol, sedatives, barbiturates, opium derivatives, general anesthetics).

What happens if I overdose?

No cases of an overdose have been reported. In case of accidental overdose, therapy should be symptomatic.

Seek emergency medical attention or call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222 if you or another person has accidentally swallowed the medication.

Pregnancy or breastfeeding

There are no data from clinical studies on the use of bimatoprost eye drops during pregnancy. The use of bimatoprost during pregnancy is not recommended unless there are strict indications.

According to preclinical animal studies, using bimaptoprost in high doses that are toxic to the mother’s body causes reproductive toxicity.

It is not known whether the drug is excreted in human breast milk. Animal studies have shown that it is excreted in breast milk. The decision to continue / stop breastfeeding or to continue / stop treatment with this glaucoma medicine should be made by a doctor who will take into account the benefits of breastfeeding for the baby and the benefits of therapy for the mother.

Generic Lumigan safe and effective

Top 3 myths about Lumigan

Myth 1: “The composition of the drug includes hormones”. It is not true. There are no hormonal components in this medicine. The main active ingredient of the drug is bimatoprost – a synthesized analogue of prostaglandins, natural acids that are found in our body.

Myth 2: “It is dangerous for eyesight”. It does not make any sense. This medicine is initially approved and intended to restore vision and is safe for the mucous membrane of the eye. Therefore, it cannot harm your eyesight in any way.

Myth 3: “Generic Lumigan is cheaper than other similar drugs because it is less effective”. This is also a wrong opinion. Almost all similar drugs are based on bimatoprost. This product has a lower price due to fact that it is generic. And generic products are always cheaper because they do not have to go through the exact same manufacturing process as their brand-name counterparts.

What else should I keep in mind?

  • Bimatoprost often causes increased pigmentation of the iris, eyelids and eyelashes. These effects are manifested due to an increase in the amount of pigment in melanocytes, but this is not accompanied by an increase in the number of the latter. The severity of manifestations depends on the duration of treatment. After the treatment cessation, pigmentation of the iris often does not return to the original, while pigmentation of the eyelids and eyelashes may decrease. The long-term consequences of this effect have not been studied;
  • In some cases, the drug causes a reversible increase in the growth, thickness and amount of eyelashes;
  • In rare cases, the medicine can contribute to the development of macular edema. For this reason, it is not recommended to use the drug in patients at risk of developing this pathology;
  • The effect of the drug in the treatment of angle and narrow angle, uveal, neovascular and congenital glaucoma has not been investigated;
  • Due to the presence of benzalkonium chloride in the cornea, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the cornea with prolonged use due to the risk of developing point and / or toxic ulcerative keratopathy, especially in patients with dry eye syndrome and using contact lenses;
  • Currently, there is no data on the effect of bimatoprost on human fertility. The drug also did not have a carcinogenic and mutagenic effect in experiments on animals;
  • The medicine can cause short-term blurred vision or other visual disturbances. When they occur, you must refrain from driving.

How should I store it properly?

Keep the eye drops in a cool place where the temperature stays below 25°C. Keep the drug out of reach of children and pets. The medicine does not have to be refrigerated. Do not leave the top/lid off the bottle to avoid contamination. Shelf life is indicated on the bottle. Do not use the expired medicine!

Advantages of Generic Lumigan

Pharmacists managed to cope with the main disadvantage of brand-name Lumigan – they created a cheaper alternative. It has the same active ingredient and indications. You will surely appreciate the benefits of the generic medication:

  1. drug efficacy has been proved long ago;
  2. safety – the active ingredient of the solution does not adversely affect the human body;
  3. ease of application and the absence of side effects (provided that you using the product in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer and the doctor;
  4. affordable price.

The generic product made a splash from the first days of its release on the market. Now the effective medicine to cure glaucoma has become available to every patient.