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Lumigan + Applicators

Lumigan + applicators is a product for the growth of natural eyelashes and eyebrows from the manufacturer – Allergan. Generic Lumigan is created to strengthen the roots of eyelashes, eyelashes begin to grow actively, become thick and magnificent. Thousands of women using these eye drops note that the eyelashes became darker and shinier after undergoing treatment with eyelashes.

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Lumigan passed clinical trials and approved for application in Canada, some countries in Europe and the United States (FDA). This product is intended for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, which received thousands of positive reviews from women who used it. Lumigan is an absolute generic of the American remedy – Latisse, which costs many times more.

Where to buy generic Lumigan eye drops?

Our online pharmacy offers out customers to buy these eye drops used to improve eyelashes. We sell this product over the counter. We do not require to visit a doctor before applying this medicine. For safety, it is better to follow the instruction for use given by an official manufacturer. There are many different video instructions given a detailed explanation of how to use Lumigan.Lumigan Online for Eyelash Growth

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Is there a generic for Lumigan?

Lumigan is a generic oа Latisse, a well-known American drug for eyelashes’ growth. Lumigan is applied for eyelashes’ growth as well. These two preparations are used in similar cases and based on the same component – bimatoprost. These eye drops produce the same effect. You will see the desired effect within several applications.

Finally, you may better buy generic analog of Latisse. The price for Lumigan is considerab;y lower in comparison with its branded counterpart. Buy Lumigan online using our service to reduce expenses and get volumous eyelashes fast without cosmetic procedures.

What is Lumigan for eyelashes?

Lumigan is used to improve eyelashes. The composition includes fatty acid, bimatoprost – 0.03% solution. It stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Clinical studies have shown that when using these drops, eyelashes become 25-40% longer, 106% thicker and 20% darker. These eye drops are applied along the line of eyelash growth, thus, bimatoprost penetrates into the hair follicles of the cilia, stimulating their blood supply, which positively affects the growth of eyelashes. An important and no less pleasant feature of this drug is its absolutely not oily consistency, which leaves no marks. A special applicator is designed for efficient and more economical use of this product.


The active ingredient is bimatoprost 0.05%, which can make eyelashes grow faster and wake up “sleeping” hair follicles. The product composition also includes: sodium chloride, citric acid, sodium phosphate, distilled water.

How to apply Lumigan for eyelash growth?

When using these eye care product, regularity and consistency are important. This product is recommended to apply for 2 months and over. The resulting effect of the density of eyelashes and eyebrows must be maintained.

Apply the drug once a day before bedtime. You should smoothly distribute the composition from the base of the eyelashes along the line of the upper eyelid. It is very important to cleanse the skin from makeup and remove contact lenses.

For proper application, take a cosmetic eye brush (applicator) and place it horizontally. Taking a bottle with this substance, drip 1 drop of the composition on the base of the brush. Very quickly, preventing the substance from draining, sweep the brush along the eyelash growth line along the entire upper eyelid. In case of accidental contact with the stimulating solution on the face, quickly dry the skin with a soft paper towel.

Who should not take Lumigan drops?

These drops are contraindicated in children and patients with hypersensitivity to Bimatoprost. This product is prescribed with caution in case of a herpes simplex virus infection and the presence of active inflammation – iritis, uveitis. It is recommended to use this drug under doctor’s supervision, if there is:

  • a violation of the posterior capsule integrity;
  • pseudophakia;
  • diabetic retinopathy;
  • aphakia.

Side effects

In patients who were prescribed Lumigan, the following side effects were observed:

  • itching;
  • conjunctival hyperemia;
  • growth and darkening of eyelashes;
  • intraocular inflammation;
  • visual impairment;
  • pigmentation of the periocular region;
  • lacrimation, pain, burning;
  • photophobia;
  • foreign body sensation;
  • allergic conjunctivitis;
  • increased iris pigmentation.

Side effects not associated with vision were also observed: headache, upper respiratory tract infection, asthenic condition.

Storage conditions and special instructions

This drug should be stored out of the reach of children at room temperature. Before applying the solution to the eyelid, make-up and lenses should be removed. They can be returned to the place 15 minutes after the end of the procedure. The solution is not recommended to be instilled in the eyes. If it gets on the skin in the area of hair growth, the liquid must be removed with a damp cloth.

The maximum drug effect should be expected by the end of 3-4 months, however, the expected result begins to appear 30 days after the start of its applications. The procedures should not be stopped if you do not see the result for 2-3 weeks.

Is Lumigan the same as Latisse – how do they work?

Almost all bimatoprost-based products are effective. Actually, bimatoprost is the only thing that actually makes eyelashes grow. No oils and vitamins can do this.

So, bimatoprost is an analog of prostaglandin, that is, a similar substance. It is artificially synthesized and belongs to the group of prostamides. The chemical bimatoprost structure is similar to prostaglandin F2a. Prostaglandins are physiologically active lipid compounds that are found in almost all tissues of the human body. It is synthesized from essential fatty acids.

Bimatoprost (Lumigan and Latisse) uses the prostamide alpha F2 receptors, which are located in the epithelium of the hair follicles, and thus stimulates hair growth. To the end, this mechanism has not yet been studied, but scientists are working on this issue. Lumigan is one of the most promising drugs.

There is a supposition that prostamides affect the hair growth cycle. The lifespan of eyelashes is approximately 3 to 6 months. During this time, the hairs pass through three phases – growth (up to 30 days), a transition period (up to 2 weeks) and a state of rest, which ends with hair loss (up to 100 days). So, the prostamids, presumably, lengthen the first phase – the growth period, so that each hair has time to grow higher than usual, and does not fall longer. That is why the effect of the products for eyelash growth is preserved only during their application and several months after.

Such an unusual property of bimatoprost (as part of Lumigan) was revealed in the process of using it as a medicine for glaucoma. As soon as such a pleasant side effect was noticed, the United States immediately took it and patented it all. Bimatoprost began to be used as a medicine for the restoration of eyelashes, and in 2008 it was approved by the US Department of Health and patented as a cosmetic product. The patent was granted to Allergan, which had already come up with Botox, and created the Latisse. The first changes are visible already 2-4 weeks after therapy start, and it takes no more than 10 weeks to achieve the optimal result: eyelashes become 30% longer and twice as voluminous.

Finally, you will see Lumigan and Latisse are the same preparations. It contains the same ingredient described above. They will both provide the same effect within a stated time span.

Can Lumigan be used during pregnancy?

Lumigan during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
A pregnant woman does not stop caring for herself. However, some means and procedures are contraindicated for the expectant mother. Pregnant women are forbidden to use bimatoprost (the main component of the described eye drops), since its components can penetrate the placenta and affect fetus condition. Therefore, if during the course of eyelashes and eyebrows’ treatment you gor to know about pregnancy, you need to withdraw the drug for a while. After the labor and the termination of breastfeeding, you can continue to strengthen eyelashes again with the help of this drug.

The best option is to undergo threatment long before pregnancy planning. This will allow you to feel more confident after conception, when many cosmetics are contraindicated. Please note that the optimal period of this product use is 90 days.

Lumigan during breastfeeding – bring damage or not?

The manufacturing representatives guarantee Lumigan is safe for the female body, if the product is used correctly. Therefore, before starting the course, it is important to carefully read the instructions for use. It indicates the rules for applying the drug, dosage, possible adverse reactions and contraindications. If you follow all the recomendations from the instructions, then a woman can safely achieve the growth of beautiful, strong and thick eyelashes.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also not apply, but this prohibition, fortunately, is temporary. When the baby is not breastfeeding anymore, the woman will be able to take care of the beauty of eyelashes again.