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bimat Careprost + Applicators


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bimat Lumigan + Applicators


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bimat Lumigan


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Eye Care with Careprost and Other Eye Drops


Who we are?

NasemSd is an online eye care shop. We provide access to the most effective products like Careprost, Lumigan, Bimatoprost (with/without an applicator), Xalatan. These eye drops are used to treat the following diseases: glaucoma, hypotrichosis, high blood pressure, red eye syndrome, and etc. All our online catalog includes a limited number of positions. We enrich our catalog with generic analogs from Trust Pharmacy that allow us reducing the price as much as possible.

Our company provides international delivery that’s why you may make an order indeendent of your living place. We respect the confidentiality and security of our customers that’s why use only approved vendors and manufacturers. We work without any intermediate parties that’s why the path from manufacturer to the customer is reduced considerably.

Such a chain allows us reducing prices as much as possible. One more option that helps us decrease rates is the absence of expenses for additional primesis. NasemSd has no offices where there are window shells where to get acquainted with the assortment. We offer only online trade for eye care products.

Our Staff

chief-pharmacist Suzanne Taveras, chief-pharmacist

Dr. Suzanne Taveras is born in Washington, DC. She has graduated from the Washington State University. She has a bachelor degree in Pharmacology. She is a certified pharmacist. She is fond of her carrier. She has changed several pharmacies. But now, she deserves all the time for working at eye care brands.

Starting working from 2005.
pharmacist Sarah Buckelew, pharmacist

Sarah has also graduated from the Washington State University. She is younger than Dr. Suzanne Taveras. She is not experienced but hard-working. She has being working in this company since 2013. She is fond of communication with customers.

Starting working from 2013.
IT-specialis John Barnum, IT-specialist

John Barnum is an IT-specialist. He controls the operation of our website. He constantly runs different operations to improve the website performance. He has graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He started his carrier long ago being a student.

Starting working from 2007

Our experience in eye care products

Our company is a young one but our staff is experienced. They have already gained rich experience in online trade and eye care products. They are young and successful. All of them have the main objective: to provide people with high-quality generic eye drops able to improve their eye health.

Our online company always conducts online conferences, webinars and traning sessions to enhance the understanding why our company performs its duties. The staff is a keen group of people with extensive knowledge in health care issues. They are able to recommend some products knowing your diagnosis.

When addressing the customer support department every customer will get professional, relative recommendations. Unfortunately, we have some techincal inconveniences and answer such requests within 24 hours. We try to improve this system and assist you as quick as possible.

In any case, our staff will do our best to make you feel well.


Where we work and why?

NasemSd is an online company. We do not have departments but only a warehouse where we store our products according to all standard requirements. Why we choose such a pattern of work? There are several reasons for this:
  • Time saving
    There are always more important things to do than going to the pharmacy whether it's free time after work or on weekends. You can make a purchase in the online store at any time convenient for you, if only there would be access to the Internet. It takes an average of 10-15 minutes to buy goods in an online store through a website. You will need at least an hour to get to the store and back.
  • Saving money
    In our online store, eye care products are cheaper than in a regular store. Profitable promotions and discounts are held in online stores more often than in conventional ones.
  • A wide assortment
    Another great advantage is the huge range of products. In the online store, you can find all the goods of the world. If something is out of stock, it will certainly be found on another, the transition to which will take place in one click in the search engine. You can always choose the best option for both an adult and a child.
  • Optimal payment options
    Online stores are quite flexible on how to pay for your parcel. A common way to pay for goods online -a bank transfer, credit card payment, or electronic money transfer. It all depends on your capabilities. That is, it is up to you to choose the payment option among available.
  • Convenient delivery
    The undoubted advantage of online shopping is the ability to choose a delivery method. Someone is more convenient to wait for the courier right at home - he will arrive at a convenient time. Others prefer to go to the pick-up point in the most convenient location.
These are the reasons why our company prefer online shopping. Both parties get benefits: we as a vendor and customers as receivers.

Why we value our customers?

Our company values its customers'health. We put customers' health before any benefits we can get. We hope such a motto is maintained in every online company. We are not intent on cheating our clients, we do our best to improve our service daily as it can help us enhance the health of many people.

We also respect our customers' rights for security and confidentiality. We wrap up parcels using non-trasparent boxes with on labels on. We strive to reach 100% delivery of all our orders. We have almost done it. Our IT-department takes all the efforts for excluding any technical problems with the website. They set up SSL-protocols to keep customers' personal data safe.

NasemSd is a guarantee of your security and confidentiality. You may rely on us the matter of health. Eye care products will be delivered to your place without delays and damages.



We pick up some feedback from our customers who has already made orders from our service. Read them and be sure NasemSd is a reliable service with top-quality eye drops.

I have eye high pressure. I decided to buy eye drops using this online service. I am satisfied with the serice: price, delivery. The item was delivered on time without any delays. Glad to find it. Recommended!


I try to keep the health of my eyes that’s why I have undergone the course of eye care constantly. I am working at the computer and my eye sight decreased. This store was chosen due to several reasons: home delivery and price. I reduce expenses and buy several courses at once. Super-pharmacy!


I appreciate this pharmacy because of home delivery. Made an order and it was delivered within a stated period of time. The process is worked out and well-organized. Recommend this service to all my friends.


My father suffers from glaucoma. I constantly buy eye drops here at attractive prices. This assortment helps me cope with the problem my father has. Clear work and delivery. Everything is in order.


Who can become our partner?

We have already establish contacts and partnerships with generic manufacturers. They are stock our positions regularly for not making you wait for Careprost, for example. We guarantee you they are reliable, certified, tried and tested. They produce their assortment in accordence with all quality requirements.

Our parners' departments are located all over the world. They follow strict requirements that guarantee quality, safety, effectiveness, and bioequivalence of their production. Quality control includes sampling, conducting tests and checks for compliance with the requirements of specifications, instructions and other documents, organization of work, documentation and issuance of permits for release. The purpose of quality control is to prevent the use or sale of materials or products that do not meet established requirements. Quality control is not limited to laboratory work, it must accompany the adoption of all decisions regarding product quality. The fundamental principle for the satisfactory operation of the quality control unit is its independence from production units.

So, our partners are under strict control of healthcare institutions. All the items released are undergoing clinical trials and tests.